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PMP Ventilacia always pays a lot of attention to keeping the factory up to date with machinery. Only the most modern machines allow creating high-quality produce that satisfies current world's technological level.

Our company's plant is equipped with all necessary machinery to process metal and create high-quality produce. The machinery includes a plasma metal cutting machine, a hydraulic guillotine, two hydraulic presses, a hydraulic plate benders, a bandsaw, a hydraulic roller machine (4 rollers), a vertical drilling machine and a hydraulic tube bender (3 rollers).

All machines are controlled by CNC (computer numerical control) systems. In addition, the plant has 15 units of auxiliary equipment such as a crane, several platforms, rigging equipment and hydraulic lifts.



The welding workshop has 10 stations equipped with coordinate welding tables and hand-held argon-arc welders. The workshop is also equipped with a robotic argon-arc seam welder.



The paint department uses an industrial paint drying chamber for all paint jobs. Next to the paint room, there is also a chemical processing room that incorporates a high-pressure washing system that removes chemicals and neutralizes them.